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Want to push your body and mind to the ultimate test and see how you fare in the square circle? Fortitude has the expertise, knowledge and experience to take you to your goals!




Fortitudes Amateur team is trained daily by our head Olympic style boxing coach Todd 'TKO' Kidd. Former Olympian and Commonwealth games representative Todd is a technical expert and has mastered the art of sharing his knowledge and teaching others. So if you'd like to see how you fare in an Amateur fight come on and meet the team and we can get you started today!
A corporate fight is a great place for a fighter to start whether dreaming of one day turning pro or just wanting to challenge yourself to rounds in the ring a corporate fight does not count towards a record but has all the safe guards of any official fight including a ref, officials and a doctor present. Fighters can choose if they wear head gear and a shirt and weight matches are agreed between the parties. So if you're keen to get in the ring and have a go Fortitude has the team to get you ready physically and mentally!  
Fortitude and its team of experts have taken many fighters onto huge success with State, Australian and World Titles. Every wall in the gym is lined with accolades that show the achievements of the Fortitude Professional team since the originals in 1985. If you dream of great triumph on the big stage we have the dedicated team to take you there!