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BOX FIT: his boxing fitness class is all about getting in, working hard and having a good time! Our BoxFit is a bit different to what you might of tried before, we focus on a fast-paced fitness workout but also teach technique so you will improve not only your fitness but also your boxing skills.  No experience needed just strap on a pair of gloves and you are good to go! 
Session time: 45 Mins

METABOLIC CONDITIONING: In this strength and conditioning class be ready to work hard and feel your muscles burn! Flipping tyres, and throwing kegs around, you will pick things up and put them down again! 
Session time: 45 mins - 1 hour (depending on class)

MICK'S BOXING CLASS: Have you always wanted to learn to box? Looking for something different to break up your workout routine? Get an awesome workout while mastering the fundamentals of boxing. A great place to start for those looking to jump into classes and receive real boxing technique training and master the sweet science of boxing.  This class caters for all levels of experience. 
Session time: 1 Hour

JUNIOR BOXING BOXING: Junior Boxing is for children between 4 - 16 years and is open to boys & girls. It is a non-contact program that will develop the basic boxing skills, increasing confidence whilst having fun, getting fit and making new friends along the way! This program can also be used as a stepping stone for those keen young boxers that wish to take it further into Amateur Boxing. Mum and Dad, why not get in a workout of your own while the kids are in class?.

Read more about Junior Boxing here.
Session time: 45 mins


Here at Fortitude Boxing we dont just train some of the best fighters in the country, we also teach classes in Boxing, Fitness and Strength and Conditioning.
Learn the correct technique and skills from the best coaches in Australia. 
All classes cater for all levels and experience from first timer right through to the pro's!
We are sure to have something to fit you!
Want to come along to one of our classes? No need to book in just come in 10 minutes early to do the paperwork and we can get you started.
View our prices and membership options here. 

BOX/CON: A mixture of our Boxing and Metabolic
Conditioning classes Box/Con is a high intensity fast paced class to really get you working!

Session time: 45 Mins

FREESTYLE TRAINING:  Our home is your home! Come in, skip rope, lift weights and hit the bag at your own leisure between opening hours! There’s nothing like getting a satisfying solo workout in. This is not a coached session, it can be done any time during the day, even if there are classes being held!
Session time: ALL DAY! 
OPEN SPARRING/TRAINING: Sparring sessions happen most
afternoons depending on who is in the gym. If you’re keen to join in let our coaches know you’re interested, they will want to watch you move around for awhile in our boxing classes then when you’re ready they will let you know it’s time to get in the ring! Sessions must be supervised and boxers must have all
protective gear which is available to buy at reception.

FIGHTERS TRAINING: Run by Head Coach Luke Meldon, this is an invite only class for our Pro, Amateur and Corporate team of fighters. If you're wanting to have a fight and get into this class you'll have to prove your skills in our other boxing classes first and have a chat with the coaches to let them know your goals to see if it suits. 
Session time: 1 Hour

LIFEPLAY STRETCH CLASS: Come join the LifePlay crew for a one hour stretch session to increase your
flexibility, improve your posture, relieve stress and ease aches and pains.

This class is an additional fee of $20 per session.Bookings are
essentil via the Mindbody App. 

Session time: 1 Hour

Monday - Friday - 5:00AM - 7:00PM
Saturday 7:00AM - 11:00AM
Sunday - Rest Day!