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Meet The Teamzz


  1. Executive Director
    Steve Deller
    Owner/Head Boxing Coach
    The founder of Fortitude Boxing, Steve's expertise in the field is unparalleled. Having managed, promoted and trained an astounding number of Olympians and Commonwealth Games Champions alongside State, Australian and World Champions this man is the reason you come to Fortitude!
  2. Executive Director
    Luke Meldon
    Owner/Boxing Trainer
    Lighting Luke Meldon is one exceptional character. Being a former amateur that trained at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra Luke helped bring up some of the best boxers in the game such as Jarrod Fletcher , Todd Kidd, James Giltrow & Greg Eadie. If you get the chance to do pads with a man of this calibre you take it! Luke is dedicated to helping others reach there personal goals. He is available for PT's and private boxing lessons there's no better man to teach the art of boxing.
  3. Executive Director
    Ben Kite
    Boxing & Conditioning Coach/PT
    Ben is one of the Pro Team here at Fortitude Boxing and current Asian Pacific Welterweight Champion! When Ben isn't training the house down he is coaching our classes and destroying our members with his epic workout routines! Ben also takes one-on-one and private group PT's if your serious about reaching your goals he's the man to see!
  4. Executive Director
    Julie Gaston
    Boxing Coach
    Julie had a huge professional career not only as a Former Australian Boxing Champion but also a Muay Thai World Champion Julie has made Fortitude her home and brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience. Come and join her 6pm Boxing class for some hard work and good fun!
  5. Executive Director
    Simon Orton
    Strength and Conditioning Coach/Boxing Coach/PT
    Having over 30 years of experience in the health & fitness industry Simon's knowledge and expertise is enormous. He is the resident Strength & Conditioning Coach for Fortitude's Pro boxing team and is also available for private or group PT sessions. Simon’s skills include training functional movements, weights, prehab & rehab also both boxing and kick boxing. He’s the man to get your body working to it's full potential!
  6. Executive Director
    Alexis Vaubien
    Strength and Conditioning Coach/Boxing Coach/PT
    Alexis has a passion for health and fitness and helping others achieve their goals. He has been boxing for 4 years but has been into martial arts from a young age including Muay Thai, Jujitsu, MMA & Taikuendo. His speciality in the gym is now body transformations and functional training. So if you want to kick your training up a level Alexis is your man! Alexis takes our Saturday morning MetCon class and is currently taking our Ladies Lunchtime BoxFit classes.
  7. Executive Director
    Mick Kennedy
    Boxing Coach
    Irish Mick Kennedy came to us via the UK to share the vast knowledge and experienced gained not only fighting in the rough and tumble halls of Ireland and England but also the training methods learnt in the gym. Mick is in the gym on a regular base, he run's our 5pm Beginner Boxing classes and you works in the corner with the boxers on fight night. Irish Mick is a big part of the team at fortitude boxing.
  8. Executive Director
    Mick Grant
    Boxing Coach
    Mick has teamed up with Fortitude and brings an 'old school' boxing coach style to Fortitude gym that Mick learnt training under the legendary Snowy Hill at the Snowy's old south Brisbane gym. Mick puts our members through their paces in his boxing classes on Tuesday's and Thursday's at 5pm and drives everyone to reach their peak fitness and ability.
  9. Executive Director
    Luke Chapman
    Strength and Conditioning Coach/Boxing Coach/PT
    Luke takes our Ladies Lunchtime BoxFit classes and Friday 5pm BoxFit. He's also a great strength and conditioning coach, coming up with killer workouts and always pushing his clients to go further and work harder! Having competed in Muay Thai and MMA cage fights Luke has a passion for the sport. Luke is available for both private and groups PT sessions.
  10. Executive Director
    Jarrod Fletcher
    Boxing Coach/PT
    Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist, Olympian and WBA Middleweight Champion Jarrod Fletcher has a huge boxing career spanning over 180 competitive fights. His knowledge and experience in the sport is second to none. Jarrod floats around the gym, taking the BoxFit classes on Friday morning and is available for PT's if you want a seriously killer workout.
  11. Executive Director
    Bri Coombe
    Gym Manager
    The friendly face you'll see as you walk in. Bri keeps the place running smoothly all year round. Anything you need help with - she's your girl!
  12. Executive Director
    Peter Liesegang
    Boxing Coach
    A former Amateur fighter Peter has had over 150 fights and in his day brought home both the Australian and Queensland Golden Gloves. Peter brings a lifetime of boxing experience to the Fortitude Team! Peter helps out with our Junior Boxing classes and is also available for private boxing coaching sessions.
  13. Executive Director
    Brett Barling
    Junior Boxing Coach
    Brett has studied under the lead Fortitude Coaches Stephen Deller and Luke Meldon, he now passes on his knowledge to the next generation as he takes our Junior Boxing classes on Monday's and Wednesdays!
  14. Executive Director
    Shannon O'Connell
    Pro Boxer
    Fortitude Boxing is fortunate to have Shannon who is Australia’s number one female boxer and is the current WBC World super-bantamweight champion. .
  15. Executive Director
    Kepler Wessels
    Boxing Coach/PT
    A former cricket champion Kepler played for both Australia and South Africa and also captained the South Africa team. Kepler has huge knowledge in elite sport conditioning and coaching along with a vast experience in boxing. At the gym he assists with coaching and doing pad session for the Fortitude Fighters. He is available for both Boxing and PT sessions, so if you want to train with the best Kepler is your man!