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Come and camp with us!

What happens at Fortitude!

  1. Title 1
  2. Luke Meldon, Banging Ben Kite, Kid Nelson and Leye Meleisea
  3. Todd Kidd and Josh celebrate a win!
  4. Hutchinson Corporate Group Finish a 12 week challenge!
  5. Luke Meldon And Banging Benny after Bens first Professional W!
  6. Beginner Boxing Class Hitting the bags!
  7. BoxFit class in action
  8. WBA interim Champ Well done Jarrod!
  9. Corporate Fighters Sparring Session!
  10. BoxFit Class
  11. Junior Boxing Class
  12. Fight Fit Conditioning class
  13. The girls conquering the bag!
  14. Banging Ben on the Pads!
  15. Boxing Club with Julie Gaston!
  16. Banging Ben defeats Eddie Dos Santos
  17. Junior Boxing Class!
  18. Luke Meldon, James Giltrow, Steve Deller and Todd Kidd after some hard rounds
  19. The Boys!!!!
  20. Some of the boys after some great rounds!
  21. Hill Sprints!
  22. Damien smith and Steve with the legendary Joe Frazer and Joe Bugner!
  23. Forittude Boxing is open for business!
  24. first look at the gym!
  25. 2nd look at the gym!
  26. MetCon Class
  27. World Champ Amir Kahn with Coaches Lightning Luke and Steve Deller and our champ Shotgun Shannon
  28. Juniors learn pull ups with Coach Steve
  29. Greg Eaddie takes the win!!
  30. Coach Lightning Luke takes pro's Banging Ben and Reuben to Thailand for a training camp 2017
  31. VIP Tables at Fortitude Fight Night - River City Rumble July 2017
  32. Fortitude Fight Night - River City Rumble July 2017
  33. Fighters class
  34. Coach Mad Dog Mick works with junior boxer Will